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7/12/02   IControl version 0.1.0 Released4:01AM

IControl version 0.1.0 is now available at the IControl Project Page at SourceForge. You can snag it in tarball, RPM, or SRPM format.

I need people, especially across platforms and architectures, to start sending in bugs, feature requests, and general suggestions about IControl. Enjoy.

7/10/02   IControl Bugfix and new feature release coming soon4:49PM

A new release of IControl should be out within the next week, possibly within the next 48 hours. The IControl code has been extensively reworked to remove the immaturity of the original release. This will be the first release intended for real public use (although, as it is still an alpha release, it will be seriously lacking in features). The following new features will be either completely or partially implemented:

  • Multithreading using pthreads.
  • Preliminary support for a GUI using the Gimp Toolkit.
  • A reworked configuration file parser.
  • Shell script and external program support.
  • An enhanced configuration file.
  • Numerous bugfixes.

6/25/02   IControl version 0.0.1 released to the public4:20AM

IControl version 0.0.1 is now available on the IControl Project Page at SourceForge.

Release Notes:
This is the first release of the IControl package. It is incredibly buggy, and may have any number of untold effects on your machine. As such, you use it at your own risk. A rudimentary set of installation instructions is contained in the README file included with this package. If you have trouble understanding these, perhaps this release is not for you. However, feel free to contact the author at inzite@users.sourceforge.net for help. Any questions will be promptly responded to.

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