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IControl Frequently Asked Questions

Runtime Errors:

Fatal Error: Could not enable Live!Drive IR Device...Exiting
This error likely means that your Live!Drive receiver is not associated with the /dev/midi device file. In this case, your Live!Drive device might be associated with another MIDI device file, such as /dev/midi00, /dev/midi1, /dev/midi01, etc.

To determine which midi device your Live!Drive receiver is associated with, execute the command 'emu-config -i' (emu-config is included as a tool with the emu10k1 sound driver. It is not compiled by default, but rather you must make tools-install for it to be available). This enables your Live!Drive receiver, then simply run the command 'cat /dev/MIDI_DEVICE_FILE', point your remote at the computer, and press some buttons (Not the SPEAKER button). If codes appear on the screen, that's your MIDI device file, otherwise, try another file. Once you've found the appropriate device file, you can specify it with the -d switch, e.g. 'icontrol -d CORRECT_DEVICE_FILE'

If none of the midi device files seem to work, check your emu10k1 driver installation and your hardware installation. I once spent three hours after removing a hard drive wondering why IControl wasn't working. It turned out I'd unplugged the power cable to my Live!Drive receiver :)

Fatal Error Parsing Configuration File...Exiting
This error indicates a problem with your configuration file. The default configuration file is located in ~/.icontrol/icontrol.conf. You might want to try editing it by hand, or you can also remove it entirely, and IControl will regenerate a default configuration file for you.